Get full specifications for the 2013 XY Mitsubishi Lancer GT

Home / 2013 Mitsubishi Lancer GT Curb weight 1300, XY vendor, wheelbase 2635 mm., body type sedan, consumption city 8,4 l/100 km, height 1760 mm., length 4570 mm., width 1480 mm., displacement 2360 cc.
  • Body: Sedan
  • Year produced: 2013
  • Capacity (cc): 2360 cc
  • Catalog number: XY
  • Fuel type: Hybrid

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Catalog CodeModelVolumeTransmission
XYPV1998 Mitsubishi Magna 3.5 Wagon Automatic3497 см3Automatic
XYPJ2004 Mitsubishi Magna 2351 см3Manual
XYPZ1994 Mitsubishi Magna 3.0 Automatic2972 см3Automatic
XYP71990 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2555 см3Automatic
XYP21985 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2555 см3Automatic
XYP31998 Mitsubishi Magna 3.53497 см3Manual
XYPP1986 Mitsubishi Magna 2555 см3Manual
XYPB1998 Mitsubishi Magna 2351 см3Manual
XYP51991 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2555 см3Automatic
XYPA1991 Mitsubishi Magna 2555 см3Manual
XYPE1990 Mitsubishi Magna 2555 см3Manual
XYPM2003 Mitsubishi Magna 2351 см3Manual
XYPD1989 Mitsubishi Magna 2555 см3Manual
XYPN2005 Mitsubishi Magna 2351 см3Manual
XYPY1998 Mitsubishi Magna 3.5 Wagon3497 см3Manual
XYP01985 Mitsubishi Magna 2.6 Wagon Automatic2555 см3Automatic
XYPU2001 Mitsubishi Magna 2350 см3Manual
XYPK1997 Mitsubishi Magna 2349 см3Manual
XYPR1985 Mitsubishi Magna 2.6 Automatic2553 см3Automatic
XYPW1994 Mitsubishi Magna 32972 см3Manual
XYP61988 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2555 см3Automatic
XYPH1999 Mitsubishi Magna 2351 см3Manual
XYPX1998 Mitsubishi Magna 3.5 Automatic3497 см3Automatic
XYPC1994 Mitsubishi Magna 2555 см3Manual
XYPI1988 Mitsubishi Magna 2555 см3Manual
XYPG2002 Mitsubishi Magna 2351 см3Manual
XYPT2000 Mitsubishi Magna 2351 см3Manual
XYP81992 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2554 см3Automatic
XYP41994 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2555 см3Automatic
XYPS1985 Mitsubishi Magna 2.6 Wagon2555 см3Manual
XYPO1985 Mitsubishi Magna 2.62553 см3Manual
XYPF1985 Mitsubishi Magna 2555 см3Manual
XYPL1996 Mitsubishi Magna 2351 см3Manual
XYP91989 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2555 см3Automatic
XYP11986 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2555 см3Automatic
XYPQ1995 Mitsubishi Magna 2555 см3Manual
XYBV2003 Mitsubishi Verada 3.53497 см3Automatic
XYBJ1999 Mitsubishi Verada 3497 см3Automatic
XYBZ2002 Mitsubishi Verada 3.53497 см3Automatic
XYB72013 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport ES 2WD1998 см36-speed manual
XYB22013 Mitsubishi Outlander ES (2WD)2360 см36-speed manual
XYB32013 Mitsubishi Outlander GT(S-AWC)2998 см36-speed manual
XYBP1998 Mitsubishi Verada 3497 см3Automatic
XYBB1992 Mitsubishi Valley 2477 см3n\a
XYB52013 Mitsubishi Outlander SE (AWC)2360 см36-speed manual
XYBA1991 Mitsubishi Valley 2477 см3n\a
XYBE1994 Mitsubishi Valley 2477 см3n\a
XYBM1990 Mitsubishi Verada 2972 см3Automatic
XYBD1989 Mitsubishi Valley 2477 см3n\a
XYBN1994 Mitsubishi Verada 2972 см3Automatic
XYBY2005 Mitsubishi Verada 3.53495 см3Automatic
XYB02013 Mitsubishi Lancer SE2360 см3Stepless
XYBU2001 Mitsubishi Verada 3.53497 см3Automatic
XYBK1991 Mitsubishi Verada 2971 см3Automatic
XYBR1992 Mitsubishi Verada 2972 см3Automatic
XYBW2000 Mitsubishi Verada 3.53495 см3Automatic
XYB62013 Mitsubishi Outlander SE (2WD)2360 см36-speed manual
XYBH1993 Mitsubishi Valley 2475 см3n\a
XYBX2004 Mitsubishi Verada 3.53497 см3Automatic
XYBC1996 Mitsubishi Valley 2477 см3n\a
XYBI1990 Mitsubishi Valley 2477 см3n\a
XYBG1997 Mitsubishi Valley 2476 см3n\a
XYBT1997 Mitsubishi Verada 3497 см3Automatic
XYB82013 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport ES AWC1998 см36-speed manual
XYB42013 Mitsubishi Outlander GT(2WD)2998 см36-speed manual
XYBS2000 Mitsubishi Verada 3496 см3Automatic
XYBO1995 Mitsubishi Verada 2972 см3Automatic
XYBF1988 Mitsubishi Valley 2476 см3n\a
XYBL1996 Mitsubishi Verada 3497 см3Automatic
XYB92013 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport SE AWC1998 см36-speed manual
XYB12013 Mitsubishi Lancer ES1998 см3Stepless
XYBQ1993 Mitsubishi Verada 2972 см3Automatic
XY5V2007 Mitsubishi Endeavor LS3828 см3Automatic
XY5J2004 Mitsubishi eK 657 см3Automatic
XY5Z2007 Mitsubishi Endeavor LS 4WD3828 см3Automatic
XY572008 Mitsubishi Endeavor SE3828 см3Automatic
XY522006 Mitsubishi Endeavor LS3835 см3n\a
XY532006 Mitsubishi Endeavor LS AWD3835 см3n\a
XY5P2005 Mitsubishi Endeavor 3827 см3Automatic
XY5B2008 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GT3828 см3Manual
XY552005 Mitsubishi Endeavor LS AWD3835 см3n\a
XY5A2004 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GT2966 см3n\a
XY5E2012 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GT3800 см35-speed sequential
XY5M2008 Mitsubishi Endeavor 3828 см3Automatic
XY5D2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GT3827 см3Manual
XY5N2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor 3828 см3Automatic
XY5Y2011 Mitsubishi Endeavor LS3800 см3Automatic
XY502010 Mitsubishi Endeavor LS3800 см3Automatic
XY5U2005 Mitsubishi Endeavor LS3835 см3n\a
XY5K2005 Mitsubishi eK 657 см3Automatic
XY5R2006 Mitsubishi Endeavor Limited3835 см3n\a
XY5W2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor LS3835 см3n\a
XY562007 Mitsubishi Endeavor SE3828 см3Automatic
XY5H2011 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GT3800 см3Automatic
XY5X2005 Mitsubishi Endeavor Limited AWD3834 см3n\a
XY5C2010 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GT3800 см3Automatic
XY5I2003 Mitsubishi eK 656 см3Automatic
XY5G2005 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GTS2966 см3n\a
XY5T2008 Mitsubishi Endeavor LS3828 см3Automatic
XY582010 Mitsubishi Endeavor SE3800 см3Automatic
XY542004 Mitsubishi Endeavor LS AWD3835 см3n\a
XY5S2006 Mitsubishi Endeavor Limited AWD3835 см3n\a
XY5O2003 Mitsubishi Endeavor 3828 см3Automatic
XY5F2012 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder SE2400 см3n\a
XY5L2002 Mitsubishi eK 657 см3Automatic
XY592008 Mitsubishi Endeavor SE 4WD3828 см3Automatic
XY512008 Mitsubishi Endeavor LS 4WD3828 см3Automatic
XY5Q2003 Mitsubishi Endeavor 3.83827 см3Automatic