Technical specs, dimensions of XK 2013 Mitsubishi Outlander ES (2WD)

Home / 2013 Mitsubishi Outlander ES (2WD) Height 1800 mm., length 4665 mm., width 1680 mm., XK vendor, traction full, 16 cylinders, engine location front, consumption city 9,0 l/100 km, fuel type hybrid, curb weight 1535, 5 seats.
  • Body: SUV
  • Year produced: 2013
  • Capacity (cc): 2360 cc
  • Catalog number: XK
  • Fuel type: Hybrid

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Catalog CodeModelVolumeTransmission
XK0V2007 Mitsubishi Raider LS Double Cab 4WD V84701 см3Automatic
XK0J2005 Mitsubishi Proudia 3497 см3Automatic
XK0Z2007 Mitsubishi Raider SE Double Cab4701 см3Automatic
XK071980 Mitsubishi Sapporo 1596 см3Manual
XK022001 Mitsubishi RPM 7000 Concept1997 см3Manual
XK031979 Mitsubishi Sapporo 1597 см3Manual
XK0P2009 Mitsubishi Raider LS Double Cab 4WD3701 см3Automatic
XK0B2001 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport2972 см3Manual
XK052012 Mitsubishi Shogun 3.2 Di-Dc GLS3199 см3Automatic
XK0A2004 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport2972 см3Manual
XK0E2005 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2.5 TD GLS2376 см3Manual
XK0M2008 Mitsubishi Raider LS Double Cab 4WD3701 см3Automatic
XK0D2003 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport2971 см3Manual
XK0N2009 Mitsubishi Raider LS3700 см3Manual
XK0Y2009 Mitsubishi Raider LS Extended Cab3701 см3Manual
XK002012 Mitsubishi RVR 22000 см3Manual
XK0U2007 Mitsubishi Raider LS Double Cab 4WD V63700 см3Automatic
XK0K2009 Mitsubishi Raider LS Double Cab3700 см3Automatic
XK0R2006 Mitsubishi Raider DuroCross V8 Double Cab4703 см3n\a
XK0W2006 Mitsubishi Raider LS Double Cab 4WD3704 см3n\a
XK062011 Mitsubishi RVR 22000 см3Manual
XK0H2007 Mitsubishi Raider DuroCross Double Cab3701 см3Automatic
XK0X2008 Mitsubishi Raider LS Extended Cab3701 см3Manual
XK0C2002 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport2972 см3Manual
XK0I2008 Mitsubishi Raider LS3700 см3Manual
XK0G2007 Mitsubishi Raider LS Double Cab3701 см3Automatic
XK0T2008 Mitsubishi Raider LS Double Cab3700 см3Automatic
XK081991 Mitsubishi Sapporo 2351 см3n\a
XK041977 Mitsubishi Sapporo 1595 см3Manual
XK0S2007 Mitsubishi Raider LS Extended Cab3700 см3Manual
XK0O2007 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2.5 TD2476 см3Manual
XK0F2006 Mitsubishi Raider DuroCross V6 Double Cab3704 см3n\a
XK0L2008 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2.5 TD GLS2477 см3Manual
XK092009 Mitsubishi Shogun 3.2 Di-Dc GLS3199 см3Automatic
XK011989 Mitsubishi Sapporo 2351 см3n\a
XK0Q2007 Mitsubishi Raider 2966 см3Manual
XKUV1998 Mitsubishi Magna 3.53497 см3Manual
XKUJ1985 Mitsubishi Magna 2.6 Automatic2553 см3Automatic
XKUZ1990 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2555 см3Automatic
XKU72000 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2351 см3Automatic
XKU21993 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2555 см3Automatic
XKU31995 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2555 см3Automatic
XKUP1998 Mitsubishi Magna 3.5 Automatic3497 см3Automatic
XKUB2004 Mitsubishi Magna 2351 см3Manual
XKU51999 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2351 см3Automatic
XKUA1988 Mitsubishi Magna 2555 см3Manual
XKUE2003 Mitsubishi Magna 2351 см3Manual
XKUM2001 Mitsubishi Magna 2350 см3Manual
XKUD1996 Mitsubishi Magna 2351 см3Manual
XKUN1998 Mitsubishi Magna 3.5 Wagon Automatic3497 см3Automatic
XKUY1988 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2555 см3Automatic
XKU01992 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2554 см3Automatic
XKUU1985 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2555 см3Automatic
XKUK1985 Mitsubishi Magna 2.6 Wagon2555 см3Manual
XKUR1994 Mitsubishi Magna 3.0 Automatic2972 см3Automatic
XKUW1994 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2555 см3Automatic
XKU61997 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2349 см3Automatic
XKUH1986 Mitsubishi Magna 2555 см3Manual
XKUX1991 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2555 см3Automatic
XKUC1997 Mitsubishi Magna 2349 см3Manual
XKUI1995 Mitsubishi Magna 2555 см3Manual
XKUG1985 Mitsubishi Magna 2.62553 см3Manual
XKUT1986 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2555 см3Automatic
XKU81998 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2351 см3Automatic
XKU41996 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2351 см3Automatic
XKUS1985 Mitsubishi Magna 2.6 Wagon Automatic2555 см3Automatic
XKUO1994 Mitsubishi Magna 32972 см3Manual
XKUF2005 Mitsubishi Magna 2351 см3Manual
XKUL2000 Mitsubishi Magna 2351 см3Manual
XKU92001 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2350 см3Automatic
XKU11989 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2555 см3Automatic
XKUQ1998 Mitsubishi Magna 3.5 Wagon3497 см3Manual
XKKV1970 Mitsubishi Debonair 1989 см3Manual
XKKJ1984 Mitsubishi Colt Sedan1437 см3Manual
XKKZ1988 Mitsubishi Debonair 1998 см3Automatic
XKK71982 Mitsubishi Debonair 2.62555 см3Automatic
XKK21978 Mitsubishi Debonair 2.62555 см3Automatic
XKK31984 Mitsubishi Debonair 2.62555 см3Automatic
XKKP1985 Mitsubishi Colt Sedan1439 см3Manual
XKKB2008 Mitsubishi Colt CZC 1.51499 см3Manual
XKK51981 Mitsubishi Debonair 2.62555 см3Automatic
XKKA2008 Mitsubishi Colt CZC 1.5 Turbo1468 см3Manual
XKKE2007 Mitsubishi Colt CZT 1.51499 см3Manual
XKKM1982 Mitsubishi Colt Sedan Automatic1439 см3Automatic
XKKD2006 Mitsubishi Colt CZT 1.51499 см3Manual
XKKN1970 Mitsubishi Colt Galant AIIGS1497 см3Automatic
XKKY1991 Mitsubishi Debonair 1998 см3Automatic
XKK01980 Mitsubishi Debonair 2.62554 см3Automatic
XKKU1990 Mitsubishi Debonair 1998 см3Automatic
XKKK1983 Mitsubishi Colt Sedan1439 см3Manual
XKKR1987 Mitsubishi Debonair 1998 см3Automatic
XKKW1985 Mitsubishi Colt Sedan Automatic1439 см3Automatic
XKK61985 Mitsubishi Debonair 2.62555 см3Automatic
XKKH2008 Mitsubishi Colt CZT 1.51499 см3Manual
XKKX1986 Mitsubishi Debonair 1996 см3Automatic
XKKC2007 Mitsubishi Colt CZC 1.51498 см3Manual
XKKI2007 Mitsubishi Colt CZC Turbo1467 см3Manual
XKKG2006 Mitsubishi Colt Rodeo 3.0i2972 см3Manual
XKKT1984 Mitsubishi Colt Sedan Automatic1437 см3Automatic
XKK81986 Mitsubishi Debonair 32971 см3Automatic
XKK41983 Mitsubishi Debonair 2.62555 см3Automatic
XKKS1983 Mitsubishi Colt Sedan Automatic1439 см3Automatic
XKKO1982 Mitsubishi Colt Sedan1439 см3Manual
XKKF2006 Mitsubishi Colt CZC Turbo1468 см3Manual
XKKL2002 Mitsubishi Colt Rodeo 2400i Double Cab2351 см3Manual
XKK91996 Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear 2.42351 см3n\a
XKK11979 Mitsubishi Debonair 2.62555 см3Automatic
XKKQ1989 Mitsubishi Debonair 1998 см3Automatic