Check out the SF 1995 Mitsubishi Pajero 0.7 Junior

Home / 1995 Mitsubishi Pajero 0.7 Junior Fuel type gasoline, SF vendor, inline engine, displacement 700 cc., engine location front, transmission type manual, curb weight 850, body type suv.
  • Body: SUV
  • Year produced: 1995
  • Capacity (cc): 700 cc
  • Catalog number: SF
  • Fuel type: Gasoline

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Catalog CodeModelVolumeTransmission
SFVV1980 Mitsubishi Sigma 21995 см3Manual
SFVJ2001 Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin 1999 см3Manual
SFVZ1985 Mitsubishi Sigma 2.0 Automatic1995 см3Automatic
SFV71991 Mitsubishi Sigma 32972 см3n\a
SFV21980 Mitsubishi Sigma 2.6 Automatic2554 см3Automatic
SFV31981 Mitsubishi Sigma Automatic1597 см3Automatic
SFVP1991 Mitsubishi Sigma 2972 см3n\a
SFVB2006 Mitsubishi Raider XLS Double Cab4703 см3n\a
SFV51980 Mitsubishi Sigma Automatic1597 см3Automatic
SFVA1992 Mitsubishi Sapporo 2351 см3n\a
SFVE1987 Mitsubishi Sapporo 2351 см3n\a
SFVM1992 Mitsubishi Sigma 2972 см3n\a
SFVD1988 Mitsubishi Sapporo 2351 см3n\a
SFVN1980 Mitsubishi Sigma 1597 см3Manual
SFVY1984 Mitsubishi Sigma 1.6 Automatic1597 см3Automatic
SFV01982 Mitsubishi Sigma Automatic1597 см3Automatic
SFVU1983 Mitsubishi Sigma 1.6 Automatic1597 см3Automatic
SFVK1981 Mitsubishi Sigma 1597 см3Manual
SFVR1983 Mitsubishi Sigma 1.61597 см3Manual
SFVW1980 Mitsubishi Sigma 2.0 Automatic1995 см3Automatic
SFV61992 Mitsubishi Space Runner 1833 см3Manual
SFVH1978 Mitsubishi Sapporo 1597 см3Manual
SFVX1980 Mitsubishi Sigma 2.62554 см3Manual
SFVC2011 Mitsubishi Shogun 3.2 Di-Dc GLS3199 см3Automatic
SFVI1982 Mitsubishi Sapporo 1797 см3Manual
SFVG1977 Mitsubishi Sapporo 21995 см3Automatic
SFVT1984 Mitsubishi Sigma 1.61597 см3Manual
SFV81995 Mitsubishi Sigma Break2972 см3n\a
SFV41985 Mitsubishi Sigma 21995 см3Manual
SFVS1982 Mitsubishi Sigma 1.6 Automatic1597 см3Automatic
SFVO1982 Mitsubishi Sigma 1597 см3Manual
SFVF1990 Mitsubishi Sapporo 2350 см3n\a
SFVL1993 Mitsubishi Sigma 2972 см3n\a
SFV91997 Mitsubishi Space Runner 1834 см3Manual
SFV11994 Mitsubishi Sigma Break2972 см3n\a
SFVQ1982 Mitsubishi Sigma 1.61597 см3Manual
SFJV2006 Mitsubishi Galant SE2376 см3n\a
SFJJ1980 Mitsubishi Galant Lamda1995 см3n\a
SFJZ2009 Mitsubishi Galant Ralliart3828 см3Automatic
SFJ72012 Mitsubishi Galant SE2400 см3n\a
SFJ21999 Mitsubishi Galant SW1834 см3Manual
SFJ31998 Mitsubishi Galant SW1834 см3Manual
SFJP1979 Mitsubishi Galant Lamda1995 см3n\a
SFJB2010 Mitsubishi Galant ES2400 см3Automatic
SFJ51996 Mitsubishi Galant SW1832 см3Manual
SFJA2012 Mitsubishi Galant ES2400 см3n\a
SFJE1971 Mitsubishi Galant FTO1378 см3Manual
SFJM1978 Mitsubishi Galant Lamda1994 см3n\a
SFJD1973 Mitsubishi Galant FTO1376 см3Manual
SFJN1981 Mitsubishi Galant Lamda1995 см3n\a
SFJY2008 Mitsubishi Galant Ralliart 3.83828 см3Automatic
SFJ02006 Mitsubishi Galant Ralliart3800 см3Manual
SFJU2006 Mitsubishi Galant LS3835 см3n\a
SFJK1976 Mitsubishi Galant Lamda1995 см3n\a
SFJR2007 Mitsubishi Galant Ralliart3828 см3Automatic
SFJW2005 Mitsubishi Grandis 2399 см3Manual
SFJ61995 Mitsubishi Gaus 1996 см3Manual
SFJH2004 Mitsubishi Galant GTS3835 см3n\a
SFJX2007 Mitsubishi Galant SE2378 см3Automatic
SFJC1972 Mitsubishi Galant FTO1378 см3Manual
SFJI2007 Mitsubishi Galant GTS3828 см3Automatic
SFJG2006 Mitsubishi Galant GTS3835 см3n\a
SFJT2010 Mitsubishi Galant SE2400 см3Automatic
SFJ82011 Mitsubishi Galant SE2400 см3Automatic
SFJ41997 Mitsubishi Galant SW1834 см3Manual
SFJS2005 Mitsubishi Galant LS3835 см3n\a
SFJO2009 Mitsubishi Galant Sport2378 см3Automatic
SFJF1970 Mitsubishi Galant FTO1378 см3Manual
SFJL1977 Mitsubishi Galant Lamda1995 см3n\a
SFJ92008 Mitsubishi Grandis 2.0 Di-D1968 см3Manual
SFJ12008 Mitsubishi Grandis 2.4 Intense2376 см3Automatic
SFJQ2004 Mitsubishi Galant LS3835 см3n\a
SFZV1972 Mitsubishi Colt 1498 см3n\a
SFZJ1996 Mitsubishi Challenger 2300 см3n\a
SFZZ1980 Mitsubishi Colt 1242 см3Manual
SFZ71981 Mitsubishi Colt 1244 см3Manual
SFZ21978 Mitsubishi Colt 1244 см3Manual
SFZ32004 Mitsubishi Colt 1124 см3Manual
SFZP1996 Mitsubishi Challenger 3.53496 см3Manual
SFZB1976 Mitsubishi Celeste Automatic1439 см3Automatic
SFZ51971 Mitsubishi Colt 1498 см3n\a
SFZA1977 Mitsubishi Celeste Automatic1439 см3Automatic
SFZE1979 Mitsubishi Celeste Automatic1410 см3Automatic
SFZM1996 Mitsubishi Challenger 2.5 D2500 см3n\a
SFZD1978 Mitsubishi Celeste Automatic1410 см3Automatic
SFZN1996 Mitsubishi Challenger 2.8 D2835 см3Manual
SFZY1998 Mitsubishi Colt 1299 см3Manual
SFZ01982 Mitsubishi Colt 1244 см3Manual
SFZU1985 Mitsubishi Colt 1439 см3Manual
SFZK1997 Mitsubishi Challenger 2300 см3n\a
SFZR1996 Mitsubishi Colt 1299 см3Manual
SFZW1973 Mitsubishi Colt 1498 см3n\a
SFZ61999 Mitsubishi Colt 1299 см3Manual
SFZH1977 Mitsubishi Celeste 2.0 Automatic1995 см3Automatic
SFZX1997 Mitsubishi Colt 1297 см3Manual
SFZC1978 Mitsubishi Celeste 2.0 GSR1995 см3Manual
SFZI1980 Mitsubishi Celeste Automatic1410 см3Automatic
SFZG1998 Mitsubishi Challenger 2300 см3n\a
SFZT1977 Mitsubishi Colt 1244 см3Manual
SFZ81984 Mitsubishi Colt 1439 см3Manual
SFZ41979 Mitsubishi Colt 1244 см3Manual
SFZS1969 Mitsubishi Colt 1498 см3n\a
SFZO1996 Mitsubishi Challenger 2.8 D Automatic2835 см3Automatic
SFZF1999 Mitsubishi Challenger 2300 см3n\a
SFZL1996 Mitsubishi Challenger 2.32300 см3n\a
SFZ92011 Mitsubishi Colt 1.1 3 Door1124 см3Manual
SFZ11987 Mitsubishi Colt 1795 см3n\a
SFZQ1996 Mitsubishi Challenger 32972 см3Automatic