Check out the JF 2012 Mitsubishi Galant SE

Home / 2012 Mitsubishi Galant SE Engine location front, inline engine, JF vendor, 4 cylinders, height 1839 mm., length 4854 mm., width 1473 mm., traction front, consumption city 11,2 l/100 km.
  • Body: Sedan
  • Year produced: 2012
  • Capacity (cc): 2400 cc
  • Catalog number: JF
  • Fuel type: Gasoline

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Catalog CodeModelVolumeTransmission
JFAV2004 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2350 см3Manual
JFAJ1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2350 см3Manual
JFAZ2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse Automatic2348 см3Automatic
JFA72006 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS2376 см3n\a
JFA22003 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2350 см3Manual
JFA32004 Mitsubishi Eclipse Automatic2350 см3Automatic
JFAP2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2399 см3Manual
JFAB2004 Mitsubishi Diamante LS3491 см3n\a
JFA52008 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS2378 см3Manual
JFAA2004 Mitsubishi Dion 1997 см3Automatic
JFAE2003 Mitsubishi Dion 1995 см3Automatic
JFAM2008 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2399 см3Manual
JFAD2002 Mitsubishi Dion 1997 см3Automatic
JFAN1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse 1995 см3Manual
JFAY2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse Automatic2350 см3Automatic
JFA02001 Mitsubishi Eclipse Automatic2350 см3Automatic
JFAU1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse Automatic2350 см3Automatic
JFAK2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2348 см3Manual
JFAR2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2399 см3Manual
JFAW1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse 3.0 Automatic2972 см3Automatic
JFA62005 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS2376 см3n\a
JFAH2000 Mitsubishi Dion 1997 см3Automatic
JFAX2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse Automatic2348 см3Automatic
JFAC2005 Mitsubishi Dingo 1300 см3Manual
JFAI2000 Mitsubishi Dion 21999 см3Automatic
JFAG2001 Mitsubishi Dion 1997 см3Automatic
JFAT1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse 3.0 Spyder Automatic2972 см3Automatic
JFA82004 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS2343 см3n\a
JFA41996 Mitsubishi Eclipse 1996 см3Manual
JFAS1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse 3.0 Spyder2972 см3Manual
JFAO2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2350 см3Manual
JFAF2005 Mitsubishi Dion 1997 см3Automatic
JFAL2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2348 см3Manual
JFA92010 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS2400 см3Manual
JFA11997 Mitsubishi Eclipse 1996 см3Manual
JFAQ1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse 32972 см3Manual
JFEV2008 Mitsubishi Grandis 2.0 Di-D1968 см3Manual
JFEJ2007 Mitsubishi Galant SE2378 см3Automatic
JFEZ2007 Mitsubishi Grandis 2.4 Intense2378 см3Automatic
JFE72009 Mitsubishi i-MiEV n\a см3Stepless
JFE22008 Mitsubishi Grandis 2.4 Invite2378 см3Automatic
JFE32006 Mitsubishi Grandis 2.4 Invite2378 см3Automatic
JFEP1998 Mitsubishi Galant SW1834 см3Manual
JFEB1979 Mitsubishi Galant Lamda1995 см3n\a
JFE52011 Mitsubishi i-MiEV n\a см3Stepless
JFEA2009 Mitsubishi Galant Sport2378 см3Automatic
JFEE2005 Mitsubishi Galant LS3835 см3n\a
JFEM2006 Mitsubishi Galant Ralliart3800 см3Manual
JFED2007 Mitsubishi Galant Ralliart3828 см3Automatic
JFEN2008 Mitsubishi Grandis 2.4 Intense2376 см3Automatic
JFEY2007 Mitsubishi Grandis 2.0 Di-D1966 см3Manual
JFE02005 Mitsubishi Grandis 2.4 Invite2477 см3Automatic
JFEU2011 Mitsubishi Galant SE2400 см3Automatic
JFEK2008 Mitsubishi Galant Ralliart 3.83828 см3Automatic
JFER1996 Mitsubishi Galant SW1832 см3Manual
JFEW2006 Mitsubishi Grandis 2.0 Di-D1968 см3Manual
JFE61987 Mitsubishi HSR-V Conceptn\a см3Automatic
JFEH2006 Mitsubishi Galant SE2376 см3n\a
JFEX2005 Mitsubishi Grandis 2.0 Di-D1967 см3Manual
JFEC2004 Mitsubishi Galant LS3835 см3n\a
JFEI2005 Mitsubishi Grandis 2399 см3Manual
JFEG2006 Mitsubishi Galant LS3835 см3n\a
JFET2012 Mitsubishi Galant SE2400 см3n\a
JFE82012 Mitsubishi i-MiEV ESn\a см3Stepless
JFE41999 Mitsubishi GTO 2972 см3Automatic
JFES1995 Mitsubishi Gaus 1996 см3Manual
JFEO1999 Mitsubishi Galant SW1834 см3Manual
JFEF2010 Mitsubishi Galant SE2400 см3Automatic
JFEL2009 Mitsubishi Galant Ralliart3828 см3Automatic
JFE92012 Mitsubishi i-MiEV SEn\a см3Stepless
JFE12005 Mitsubishi Grandis 2.4 Intense2343 см3Automatic
JFEQ1997 Mitsubishi Galant SW1834 см3Manual
JFMV2007 Mitsubishi Outlander LS2998 см3Automatic
JFMJ2011 Mitsubishi Outlander ES2400 см3Stepless
JFMZ2008 Mitsubishi Outlander LS2998 см3Automatic
JFM72014 Mitsubishi Outlander SE 4dr SUV AWD (2.4L 4cyl CVT)2400 см3Automatic
JFM22005 Mitsubishi Outlander LS AWD2477 см3n\a
JFM32009 Mitsubishi Outlander SE2360 см3n\a
JFMP2012 Mitsubishi Outlander GT3000 см36-speed sequential
JFMB2006 Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4 Intense2377 см3Automatic
JFM52011 Mitsubishi Outlander SE2400 см3Stepless
JFMA2006 Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4 LS 4WD2376 см3n\a
JFME2005 Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4 GLS Automatic2376 см3Automatic
JFMM2014 Mitsubishi Outlander ES 4dr SUV (2.4L 4cyl CVT)2400 см3Automatic
JFMD2007 Mitsubishi Outlander 32966 см3Automatic
JFMN2009 Mitsubishi Outlander ES 4x42360 см3n\a
JFMY2004 Mitsubishi Outlander LS2374 см3n\a
JFM02007 Mitsubishi Outlander LS 4WD2998 см3Automatic
JFMU2006 Mitsubishi Outlander Limited 4WD2375 см3n\a
JFMK2012 Mitsubishi Outlander ES2400 см3Stepless
JFMR2005 Mitsubishi Outlander Limited2376 см3n\a
JFMW2005 Mitsubishi Outlander LS2343 см3n\a
JFM62010 Mitsubishi Outlander SE2400 см3Stepless
JFMH2006 Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4i GLS Automatic2376 см3Automatic
JFMX2005 Mitsubishi Outlander Limited AWD2475 см3n\a
JFMC2006 Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4 SE2376 см3n\a
JFMI2007 Mitsubishi Outlander ES2996 см3Automatic
JFMG2009 Mitsubishi Outlander ES2360 см3n\a
JFMT2006 Mitsubishi Outlander Limited2376 см3n\a
JFM82014 Mitsubishi Outlander SE 4dr SUV (2.4L 4cyl CVT)2400 см3Automatic
JFM42012 Mitsubishi Outlander SE2400 см3Stepless
JFMS2014 Mitsubishi Outlander GT 4dr SUV AWD (3.0L 6cyl 6A)3000 см3Automatic
JFMO2010 Mitsubishi Outlander GT3000 см3Automatic
JFMF2010 Mitsubishi Outlander ES2400 см3Stepless
JFML2008 Mitsubishi Outlander 32998 см3Automatic
JFM92011 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport ES2000 см3Manual
JFM12008 Mitsubishi Outlander LS 4x42998 см3Automatic
JFMQ2011 Mitsubishi Outlander GT3000 см3Automatic