Check out the HW 1984 Mitsubishi Galant

Home / 1984 Mitsubishi Galant HW vendor, 5 seats, wheelbase 2610 mm., curb weight 1030, height 1710 mm., length 4570 mm., width 1390 mm., displacement 1597 cc., fuel type gasoline.
  • Body: (not found)
  • Year produced: 1984
  • Capacity (cc): 1597 cc
  • Catalog number: HW
  • Fuel type: Gasoline

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Catalog CodeModelVolumeTransmission
HWIV1994 Mitsubishi FTO 2.0 GPX Manual1996 см3Manual
HWIJ2006 Mitsubishi Endeavor LS AWD3835 см3n\a
HWIZ1971 Mitsubishi Galant n\a см3n\a
HWI72008 Mitsubishi Galant 2399 см3Automatic
HWI21995 Mitsubishi Galant n\a см3n\a
HWI32004 Mitsubishi Galant 1999 см3n\a
HWIP2008 Mitsubishi Endeavor SE 4WD3828 см3Automatic
HWIB2007 Mitsubishi Endeavor LS3828 см3Automatic
HWI51976 Mitsubishi Galant 1597 см3n\a
HWIA2005 Mitsubishi Endeavor LS3835 см3n\a
HWIE2011 Mitsubishi Endeavor LS3800 см3Automatic
HWIM2007 Mitsubishi Endeavor SE3828 см3Automatic
HWID2005 Mitsubishi Endeavor Limited AWD3834 см3n\a
HWIN2008 Mitsubishi Endeavor SE3828 см3Automatic
HWIY2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor XLS AWD3835 см3n\a
HWI02005 Mitsubishi Galant 1999 см3n\a
HWIU2005 Mitsubishi Endeavor XLS AWD3835 см3n\a
HWIK2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor LS AWD3835 см3n\a
HWIR2005 Mitsubishi Endeavor XLS3835 см3n\a
HWIW1996 Mitsubishi FTO 1998 см3Automatic
HWI61993 Mitsubishi Galant n\a см3n\a
HWIH2008 Mitsubishi Endeavor LS 4WD3828 см3Automatic
HWIX2011 Mitsubishi Endeavor SE3800 см3Automatic
HWIC2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor LS3835 см3n\a
HWII2006 Mitsubishi Endeavor LS3835 см3n\a
HWIG2010 Mitsubishi Endeavor LS3800 см3Automatic
HWIT2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor XLS3835 см3n\a
HWI81969 Mitsubishi Galant n\a см3n\a
HWI41973 Mitsubishi Galant 1597 см3n\a
HWIS1993 Mitsubishi Field Guard 2498 см3Automatic
HWIO2010 Mitsubishi Endeavor SE3800 см3Automatic
HWIF2007 Mitsubishi Endeavor LS 4WD3828 см3Automatic
HWIL2005 Mitsubishi Endeavor LS AWD3835 см3n\a
HWI92007 Mitsubishi Galant 2399 см3Automatic
HWI11979 Mitsubishi Galant 1597 см3Manual
HWIQ2007 Mitsubishi Endeavor SE 4WD3828 см3Automatic
HWGV2004 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2350 см3Manual
HWGJ1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2350 см3Manual
HWGZ2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse Automatic2348 см3Automatic
HWG72006 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS2376 см3n\a
HWG22003 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2350 см3Manual
HWG32004 Mitsubishi Eclipse Automatic2350 см3Automatic
HWGP2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2399 см3Manual
HWGB2004 Mitsubishi Diamante LS3491 см3n\a
HWG52008 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS2378 см3Manual
HWGA2004 Mitsubishi Dion 1997 см3Automatic
HWGE2003 Mitsubishi Dion 1995 см3Automatic
HWGM2008 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2399 см3Manual
HWGD2002 Mitsubishi Dion 1997 см3Automatic
HWGN1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse 1995 см3Manual
HWGY2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse Automatic2350 см3Automatic
HWG02001 Mitsubishi Eclipse Automatic2350 см3Automatic
HWGU1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse Automatic2350 см3Automatic
HWGK2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2348 см3Manual
HWGR2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2399 см3Manual
HWGW1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse 3.0 Automatic2972 см3Automatic
HWG62005 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS2376 см3n\a
HWGH2000 Mitsubishi Dion 1997 см3Automatic
HWGX2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse Automatic2348 см3Automatic
HWGC2005 Mitsubishi Dingo 1300 см3Manual
HWGI2000 Mitsubishi Dion 21999 см3Automatic
HWGG2001 Mitsubishi Dion 1997 см3Automatic
HWGT1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse 3.0 Spyder Automatic2972 см3Automatic
HWG82004 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS2343 см3n\a
HWG41996 Mitsubishi Eclipse 1996 см3Manual
HWGS1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse 3.0 Spyder2972 см3Manual
HWGO2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2350 см3Manual
HWGF2005 Mitsubishi Dion 1997 см3Automatic
HWGL2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2348 см3Manual
HWG92010 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS2400 см3Manual
HWG11997 Mitsubishi Eclipse 1996 см3Manual
HWGQ1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse 32972 см3Manual
HWTV2001 Mitsubishi Pajero 2.0 Pininfarina1999 см3Manual
HWTJ1988 Mitsubishi Pajero 2477 см3Manual
HWTZ1982 Mitsubishi Pajero 2.5 D2475 см3Manual
HWT72007 Mitsubishi Pajero 2.5 TD Classic Short2477 см3Manual
HWT21996 Mitsubishi Pajero 2.5 D2477 см3Manual
HWT32006 Mitsubishi Pajero 2.5 TD Classic2477 см3Manual
HWTP1997 Mitsubishi Pajero 2972 см3Manual
HWTB2011 Mitsubishi Outlander XLS3000 см3Automatic
HWT52008 Mitsubishi Pajero 2.5 TD Classic2477 см3Manual
HWTA2010 Mitsubishi Outlander XLS3000 см3Automatic
HWTE1994 Mitsubishi Pajero 2835 см3Manual
HWTM1990 Mitsubishi Pajero 2477 см3Manual
HWTD1987 Mitsubishi Pajero 2476 см3Manual
HWTN1995 Mitsubishi Pajero 2835 см3Manual
HWTY2005 Mitsubishi Pajero 2000i IO1999 см3Manual
HWT01999 Mitsubishi Pajero 2.5 D Sport2476 см3Manual
HWTU1986 Mitsubishi Pajero 2477 см3Manual
HWTK1983 Mitsubishi Pajero 2476 см3Manual
HWTR2008 Mitsubishi Pajero 2000i1999 см3Manual
HWTW2001 Mitsubishi Pajero 3497 см3Manual
HWT62005 Mitsubishi Pajero 2.5 TD Classic Long2476 см3Manual
HWTH1989 Mitsubishi Pajero 2477 см3Manual
HWTX2001 Mitsubishi Pajero 2.0 Pininfarina Automatic1999 см3Automatic
HWTC2005 Mitsubishi Outlander XLS AWD2374 см3n\a
HWTI1996 Mitsubishi Pajero 2972 см3Manual
HWTG1999 Mitsubishi Pajero 2970 см3Manual
HWTT1995 Mitsubishi Pajero 0.7 Junior700 см3Manual
HWT82006 Mitsubishi Pajero 2.5 TD Classic Short2477 см3Manual
HWT42005 Mitsubishi Pajero 2.5 TD Classic2376 см3Manual
HWTS1995 Mitsubishi Pajero 1.1 Junior1100 см3Manual
HWTO1984 Mitsubishi Pajero 2477 см3Manual
HWTF1985 Mitsubishi Pajero 2477 см3Manual
HWTL1998 Mitsubishi Pajero 2972 см3Manual
HWT92006 Mitsubishi Pajero 2.5 TD Sport2477 см3Manual
HWT12003 Mitsubishi Pajero 2.5 D Sport2376 см3Manual
HWTQ1982 Mitsubishi Pajero 2477 см3Manual