Check out the AF 2013 Mitsubishi Outlander SE (AWC)

Home / 2013 Mitsubishi Outlander SE (AWC) Engine location front, electric engine, AF vendor, 16 cylinders, height 1800 mm., length 4665 mm., width 1680 mm., traction full, transmission type 6-speed manual, stroke 97,0 mm., consumption city 9,0 l/100 km.
  • Body: SUV
  • Year produced: 2013
  • Capacity (cc): 2360 cc
  • Catalog number: AF
  • Fuel type: Hybrid

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Catalog CodeModelVolumeTransmission
AFAV1976 Mitsubishi Lancer 1.41439 см3n\a
AFAJ1994 Mitsubishi Lancer 1298 см3n\a
AFAZ1993 Mitsubishi Lancer 1.61597 см3n\a
AFA72005 Mitsubishi Lancer 1.6 GLX1582 см3Manual
AFA21996 Mitsubishi Lancer 1.61597 см3Manual
AFA31973 Mitsubishi Lancer 1600 GSR1600 см3Automatic
AFAP1989 Mitsubishi Lancer 1298 см3n\a
AFAB2006 Mitsubishi L 200 2.5 TD2477 см3Manual
AFA52005 Mitsubishi Lancer 1.6 GLS1583 см3Manual
AFAA2008 Mitsubishi L 200 2.5 DI-D Double Cab2477 см3Manual
AFAE1995 Mitsubishi Lancer 1299 см3n\a
AFAM1988 Mitsubishi Lancer 1298 см3n\a
AFAD1996 Mitsubishi Lancer 1299 см3Manual
AFAN1998 Mitsubishi Lancer 1299 см3Manual
AFAY1999 Mitsubishi Lancer 1.61597 см3Manual
AFA02000 Mitsubishi Lancer 1.61597 см3Manual
AFAU2005 Mitsubishi Lancer 1.31299 см3Manual
AFAK1978 Mitsubishi Lancer 1238 см3n\a
AFAR2007 Mitsubishi Lancer 1.31299 см3Manual
AFAW1988 Mitsubishi Lancer 1.5 Break1468 см3Manual
AFA62006 Mitsubishi Lancer 1.6 GLX1584 см3Manual
AFAH1993 Mitsubishi Lancer 1299 см3n\a
AFAX2009 Mitsubishi Lancer 1.5 GLX1499 см3Manual
AFAC1991 Mitsubishi Lancer 1298 см3n\a
AFAI1997 Mitsubishi Lancer 1299 см3Manual
AFAG1979 Mitsubishi Lancer 1238 см3n\a
AFAT1977 Mitsubishi Lancer 1237 см3n\a
AFA82006 Mitsubishi Lancer 1.6i GL1584 см3Manual
AFA42005 Mitsubishi Lancer 1.6 Comfort1583 см3n\a
AFAS2006 Mitsubishi Lancer 1.31299 см3Manual
AFAO1983 Mitsubishi Lancer 1244 см3n\a
AFAF1990 Mitsubishi Lancer 1297 см3n\a
AFAL1982 Mitsubishi Lancer 1244 см3n\a
AFA92007 Mitsubishi Lancer 1.6 GLX1584 см3Manual
AFA11976 Mitsubishi Lancer 1.61597 см3Manual
AFAQ1976 Mitsubishi Lancer 1.21238 см3Manual
AFEV2005 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2351 см3Automatic
AFEJ1989 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2555 см3Automatic
AFEZ2000 Mitsubishi Magna Wagon2972 см3Manual
AFE71987 Mitsubishi Magna Wagon2555 см3Manual
AFE21998 Mitsubishi Magna Wagon2972 см3Manual
AFE31999 Mitsubishi Magna Wagon2971 см3Manual
AFEP2000 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2351 см3Automatic
AFEB1986 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2555 см3Automatic
AFE51986 Mitsubishi Magna Wagon2553 см3Manual
AFEA1985 Mitsubishi Magna 2.6 Wagon Automatic2555 см3Automatic
AFEE1994 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2555 см3Automatic
AFEM1996 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2351 см3Automatic
AFED1998 Mitsubishi Magna 3.53497 см3Manual
AFEN1999 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2351 см3Automatic
AFEY2002 Mitsubishi Magna Wagon2972 см3Manual
AFE02005 Mitsubishi Magna Wagon2972 см3Manual
AFEU2004 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2351 см3Automatic
AFEK1993 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2555 см3Automatic
AFER2001 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2350 см3Automatic
AFEW1997 Mitsubishi Magna Wagon2972 см3Manual
AFE62001 Mitsubishi Magna Wagon2972 см3Manual
AFEH1990 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2555 см3Automatic
AFEX1985 Mitsubishi Magna Wagon2555 см3Manual
AFEC1985 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2555 см3Automatic
AFEI1992 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2554 см3Automatic
AFEG1988 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2555 см3Automatic
AFET2003 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2351 см3Automatic
AFE81985 Mitsubishi Magna Wagon Automatic2555 см3Automatic
AFE42004 Mitsubishi Magna Wagon2972 см3Manual
AFES2002 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2351 см3Automatic
AFEO1997 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2349 см3Automatic
AFEF1991 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2555 см3Automatic
AFEL1995 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2555 см3Automatic
AFE91987 Mitsubishi Magna Wagon Automatic2555 см3Automatic
AFE12003 Mitsubishi Magna Wagon2971 см3Manual
AFEQ1998 Mitsubishi Magna Automatic2351 см3Automatic
AFMV1984 Mitsubishi Starion 1997 см3Manual
AFMJ2000 Mitsubishi Space Wagon 32999 см3n\a
AFMZ2002 Mitsubishi SUP Concept1999 см3Automatic
AFM71992 Mitsubishi Valley 2477 см3n\a
AFM21982 Mitsubishi Starion GS-R Turbo2555 см3Manual
AFM31999 Mitsubishi SUW Advance Concept1099 см3Automatic
AFMP1990 Mitsubishi Space Wagon Diesel1796 см3Manual
AFMB1993 Mitsubishi Space Wagon 21997 см3Manual
AFM51998 Mitsubishi Valley 2477 см3n\a
AFMA1994 Mitsubishi Space Wagon 21997 см3Manual
AFME1992 Mitsubishi Space Wagon 21997 см3Manual
AFMM1998 Mitsubishi SST Concept1997 см3Automatic
AFMD2000 Mitsubishi Space Wagon 1999 см3n\a
AFMN1983 Mitsubishi Starion 1997 см3Manual
AFMY1982 Mitsubishi Starion 1997 см3Manual
AFM01982 Mitsubishi Starion 2.0 Automatic1997 см3Automatic
AFMU1987 Mitsubishi Starion 1997 см3Manual
AFMK1992 Mitsubishi Space Wagon 2.0 D1997 см3n\a
AFMR1985 Mitsubishi Starion 1995 см3Manual
AFMW1982 Mitsubishi Starion 21997 см3Manual
AFM61991 Mitsubishi Valley 2477 см3n\a
AFMH1986 Mitsubishi Space Wagon 21997 см3Manual
AFMX1989 Mitsubishi Starion 21997 см3n\a
AFMC1985 Mitsubishi Space Wagon 1.8 D1794 см3Manual
AFMI1996 Mitsubishi Space Wagon 21995 см3Manual
AFMG1997 Mitsubishi Space Wagon 21997 см3Manual
AFMT1988 Mitsubishi Starion 1995 см3Manual
AFM81996 Mitsubishi Valley 2477 см3n\a
AFM41995 Mitsubishi Valley 2477 см3n\a
AFMS1986 Mitsubishi Starion 1997 см3Manual
AFMO2000 Mitsubishi SSS Concept3500 см3Automatic
AFMF1995 Mitsubishi Space Wagon 21997 см3Manual
AFML1999 Mitsubishi Space Wagon Automatic2351 см3Automatic
AFM91989 Mitsubishi Valley 2477 см3n\a
AFM12001 Mitsubishi SUW Concept1097 см3Automatic
AFMQ2000 Mitsubishi SSU Concept2500 см3Automatic