Get full specifications for the 1993 8H Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0 D Station Wagon

Home / 1993 Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0 D Station Wagon Fuel type diesel, 8H vendor, inline engine, displacement 1998 cc., engine location front, 5 seats, curb weight 1085, body type wagon.
  • Body: Wagon
  • Year produced: 1993
  • Capacity (cc): 1998 cc
  • Catalog number: 8H
  • Fuel type: Diesel

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Catalog CodeModelVolumeTransmission
8HVV2001 Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin 1999 см3Manual
8HVJ2009 Mitsubishi Raider LS Extended Cab Automatic3701 см3Automatic
8HVZ1980 Mitsubishi Sigma 1597 см3Manual
8HV71980 Mitsubishi Sigma 21995 см3Manual
8HV21982 Mitsubishi Sigma 1.61597 см3Manual
8HV31983 Mitsubishi Sigma 1.61597 см3Manual
8HVP1988 Mitsubishi Sapporo 2351 см3n\a
8HVB1979 Mitsubishi Sapporo 1597 см3Manual
8HV51984 Mitsubishi Sigma 1.61597 см3Manual
8HVA2001 Mitsubishi RPM 7000 Concept1997 см3Manual
8HVE2011 Mitsubishi RVR 22000 см3Manual
8HVM1992 Mitsubishi Sapporo 2351 см3n\a
8HVD2012 Mitsubishi Shogun 3.2 Di-Dc GLS3199 см3Automatic
8HVN2006 Mitsubishi Raider XLS Double Cab4703 см3n\a
8HVY1992 Mitsubishi Sigma 2972 см3n\a
8HV01982 Mitsubishi Sigma 1597 см3Manual
8HVU1982 Mitsubishi Sapporo 1797 см3Manual
8HVK2010 Mitsubishi Shogun 3.2 Di-Dc GLS3199 см3Automatic
8HVR1990 Mitsubishi Sapporo 2350 см3n\a
8HVW1981 Mitsubishi Sigma 1597 см3Manual
8HV61983 Mitsubishi Sigma 1.6 Automatic1597 см3Automatic
8HVH2009 Mitsubishi Shogun 3.2 Di-Dc GLS3199 см3Automatic
8HVX1993 Mitsubishi Sigma 2972 см3n\a
8HVC1977 Mitsubishi Sapporo 1595 см3Manual
8HVI1981 Mitsubishi Sapporo 1597 см3Manual
8HVG1991 Mitsubishi Sapporo 2351 см3n\a
8HVT1978 Mitsubishi Sapporo 1597 см3Manual
8HV81980 Mitsubishi Sigma 2.0 Automatic1995 см3Automatic
8HV41982 Mitsubishi Sigma 1.6 Automatic1597 см3Automatic
8HVS1977 Mitsubishi Sapporo 21995 см3Automatic
8HVO2011 Mitsubishi Shogun 3.2 Di-Dc GLS3199 см3Automatic
8HVF1980 Mitsubishi Sapporo 1596 см3Manual
8HVL2008 Mitsubishi Raider LS Extended Cab Automatic3701 см3Automatic
8HV91980 Mitsubishi Sigma 2.62554 см3Manual
8HV11991 Mitsubishi Sigma 2972 см3n\a
8HVQ1987 Mitsubishi Sapporo 2351 см3n\a
8HJV1980 Mitsubishi Galant Lamda1995 см3n\a
8HJJ2009 Mitsubishi Galant ES2399 см3Automatic
8HJZ1981 Mitsubishi Galant Lamda1995 см3n\a
8HJ72006 Mitsubishi Galant SE2376 см3n\a
8HJ22004 Mitsubishi Galant LS3835 см3n\a
8HJ32007 Mitsubishi Galant Ralliart3828 см3Automatic
8HJP1973 Mitsubishi Galant FTO1376 см3Manual
8HJB1979 Mitsubishi Galant Break Automatic1596 см3Automatic
8HJ52010 Mitsubishi Galant SE2400 см3Automatic
8HJA1977 Mitsubishi Galant Break1597 см3Manual
8HJE2007 Mitsubishi Galant DE2378 см3Automatic
8HJM2012 Mitsubishi Galant ES2400 см3n\a
8HJD2008 Mitsubishi Galant DE2378 см3Automatic
8HJN2010 Mitsubishi Galant ES2400 см3Automatic
8HJY1978 Mitsubishi Galant Lamda1994 см3n\a
8HJ02009 Mitsubishi Galant Sport2378 см3Automatic
8HJU2007 Mitsubishi Galant GTS3828 см3Automatic
8HJK2011 Mitsubishi Galant ES2400 см3Automatic
8HJR1970 Mitsubishi Galant FTO1378 см3Manual
8HJW1976 Mitsubishi Galant Lamda1995 см3n\a
8HJ62006 Mitsubishi Galant LS3835 см3n\a
8HJH2007 Mitsubishi Galant ES2378 см3Automatic
8HJX1977 Mitsubishi Galant Lamda1995 см3n\a
8HJC2006 Mitsubishi Galant DE2376 см3n\a
8HJI2005 Mitsubishi Galant ES2477 см3n\a
8HJG2006 Mitsubishi Galant ES2376 см3n\a
8HJT2004 Mitsubishi Galant GTS3835 см3n\a
8HJ82005 Mitsubishi Grandis 2399 см3Manual
8HJ42005 Mitsubishi Galant LS3835 см3n\a
8HJS2006 Mitsubishi Galant GTS3835 см3n\a
8HJO1972 Mitsubishi Galant FTO1378 см3Manual
8HJF2008 Mitsubishi Galant ES2378 см3Automatic
8HJL1974 Mitsubishi Galant FTO1378 см3Manual
8HJ92007 Mitsubishi Galant SE2378 см3Automatic
8HJ11979 Mitsubishi Galant Lamda1995 см3n\a
8HJQ1971 Mitsubishi Galant FTO1378 см3Manual
8HZV1996 Mitsubishi Challenger 2300 см3n\a
8HZJ1977 Mitsubishi Celeste 21995 см3Manual
8HZZ1996 Mitsubishi Challenger 2.8 D2835 см3Manual
8HZ71972 Mitsubishi Colt 1498 см3n\a
8HZ21996 Mitsubishi Challenger 32972 см3Automatic
8HZ31996 Mitsubishi Colt 1299 см3Manual
8HZP1978 Mitsubishi Celeste Automatic1410 см3Automatic
8HZB1978 Mitsubishi Celeste 1410 см3Manual
8HZ51977 Mitsubishi Colt 1244 см3Manual
8HZA1979 Mitsubishi Celeste 1410 см3Manual
8HZE1981 Mitsubishi Celeste 1.61597 см3Manual
8HZM1977 Mitsubishi Celeste Automatic1439 см3Automatic
8HZD1976 Mitsubishi Celeste 1439 см3Manual
8HZN1976 Mitsubishi Celeste Automatic1439 см3Automatic
8HZY1996 Mitsubishi Challenger 2.5 D2500 см3n\a
8HZ01996 Mitsubishi Challenger 2.8 D Automatic2835 см3Automatic
8HZU1980 Mitsubishi Celeste Automatic1410 см3Automatic
8HZK1975 Mitsubishi Celeste 1439 см3Manual
8HZR1999 Mitsubishi Challenger 2300 см3n\a
8HZW1997 Mitsubishi Challenger 2300 см3n\a
8HZ61985 Mitsubishi Colt 1439 см3Manual
8HZH1975 Mitsubishi Celeste 1.61595 см3Manual
8HZX1996 Mitsubishi Challenger 2.32300 см3n\a
8HZC1980 Mitsubishi Celeste 1410 см3Manual
8HZI1975 Mitsubishi Celeste 1.6 Automatic1595 см3Automatic
8HZG1982 Mitsubishi Celeste 1.61597 см3Manual
8HZT1977 Mitsubishi Celeste 2.0 Automatic1995 см3Automatic
8HZ81973 Mitsubishi Colt 1498 см3n\a
8HZ41969 Mitsubishi Colt 1498 см3n\a
8HZS1998 Mitsubishi Challenger 2300 см3n\a
8HZO1978 Mitsubishi Celeste 2.0 GSR1995 см3Manual
8HZF1977 Mitsubishi Celeste 1439 см3Manual
8HZL1975 Mitsubishi Celeste Automatic1439 см3Automatic
8HZ91997 Mitsubishi Colt 1297 см3Manual
8HZ11996 Mitsubishi Challenger 3.53496 см3Manual
8HZQ1979 Mitsubishi Celeste Automatic1410 см3Automatic