4R - 2011 Mitsubishi Endeavor SE

Home / 2011 Mitsubishi Endeavor SE Curb weight 1800, 4R vendor, wheelbase 2751 mm., body type suv, consumption city 15,7 l/100 km, height 1869 mm., length 4846 mm., width 1768 mm., displacement 3800 cc.
  • Body: SUV
  • Year produced: 2011
  • Capacity (cc): 3800 cc
  • Catalog number: 4R
  • Fuel type: Gasoline

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Catalog CodeModelVolumeTransmission
4RIV2006 Mitsubishi Outlander Limited2376 см3n\a
4RIJ2006 Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4i GLS Automatic2376 см3Automatic
4RIZ2005 Mitsubishi Outlander Limited AWD2475 см3n\a
4RI72011 Mitsubishi Outlander SE2400 см3Stepless
4RI22007 Mitsubishi Outlander LS 4WD2998 см3Automatic
4RI32008 Mitsubishi Outlander LS 4x42998 см3Automatic
4RIP2009 Mitsubishi Outlander ES 4x42360 см3n\a
4RIB2007 Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4i GLS Automatic 4x42378 см3Automatic
4RI52009 Mitsubishi Outlander SE2360 см3n\a
4RIA2008 Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4i GLS Automatic 4x42378 см3Automatic
4RIE2006 Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4 SE2376 см3n\a
4RIM2012 Mitsubishi Outlander ES2400 см3Stepless
4RID2006 Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4 Intense2377 см3Automatic
4RIN2008 Mitsubishi Outlander 32998 см3Automatic
4RIY2005 Mitsubishi Outlander LS2343 см3n\a
4RI02004 Mitsubishi Outlander LS2374 см3n\a
4RIU2014 Mitsubishi Outlander GT 4dr SUV AWD (3.0L 6cyl 6A)3000 см3Automatic
4RIK2007 Mitsubishi Outlander ES2996 см3Automatic
4RIR2012 Mitsubishi Outlander GT3000 см36-speed sequential
4RIW2006 Mitsubishi Outlander Limited 4WD2375 см3n\a
4RI62012 Mitsubishi Outlander SE2400 см3Stepless
4RIH2010 Mitsubishi Outlander ES2400 см3Stepless
4RIX2007 Mitsubishi Outlander LS2998 см3Automatic
4RIC2006 Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4 LS 4WD2376 см3n\a
4RII2009 Mitsubishi Outlander ES2360 см3n\a
4RIG2005 Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4 GLS Automatic2376 см3Automatic
4RIT2005 Mitsubishi Outlander Limited2376 см3n\a
4RI82010 Mitsubishi Outlander SE2400 см3Stepless
4RI42005 Mitsubishi Outlander LS AWD2477 см3n\a
4RIS2011 Mitsubishi Outlander GT3000 см3Automatic
4RIO2014 Mitsubishi Outlander ES 4dr SUV (2.4L 4cyl CVT)2400 см3Automatic
4RIF2007 Mitsubishi Outlander 32966 см3Automatic
4RIL2011 Mitsubishi Outlander ES2400 см3Stepless
4RI92014 Mitsubishi Outlander SE 4dr SUV AWD (2.4L 4cyl CVT)2400 см3Automatic
4RI12008 Mitsubishi Outlander LS2998 см3Automatic
4RIQ2010 Mitsubishi Outlander GT3000 см3Automatic
4RGV2004 Mitsubishi Minica 657 см3Manual
4RGJ2003 Mitsubishi Magna Wagon Automatic2971 см3Automatic
4RGZ2005 Mitsubishi Minica 657 см3Manual
4RG71992 Mitsubishi Minica 548 см3Manual
4RG22000 Mitsubishi Minica 657 см3Manual
4RG31972 Mitsubishi Minica 359 см3Manual
4RGP1981 Mitsubishi Minica 546 см3Manual
4RGB1987 Mitsubishi Magna Wagon Automatic2555 см3Automatic
4RG51976 Mitsubishi Minica 359 см3Manual
4RGA1985 Mitsubishi Magna Wagon Automatic2555 см3Automatic
4RGE1986 Mitsubishi Magna Wagon Automatic2553 см3Automatic
4RGM2004 Mitsubishi Magna Wagon Automatic2972 см3Automatic
4RGD1988 Mitsubishi Magna Wagon Automatic2555 см3Automatic
4RGN2005 Mitsubishi Magna Wagon Automatic2972 см3Automatic
4RGY1986 Mitsubishi Minica 546 см3n\a
4RG01990 Mitsubishi Minica 548 см3Manual
4RGU1999 Mitsubishi Minica 655 см3Manual
4RGK2001 Mitsubishi Magna Wagon Automatic2972 см3Automatic
4RGR1989 Mitsubishi Minica 548 см3Manual
4RGW2001 Mitsubishi Minica 657 см3Manual
4RG61987 Mitsubishi Minica 546 см3n\a
4RGH1999 Mitsubishi Magna Wagon Automatic2971 см3Automatic
4RGX1985 Mitsubishi Minica 546 см3n\a
4RGC1988 Mitsubishi Magna Wagon2555 см3Manual
4RGI1998 Mitsubishi Magna Wagon Automatic2972 см3Automatic
4RGG2000 Mitsubishi Magna Wagon Automatic2972 см3Automatic
4RGT2002 Mitsubishi Minica 657 см3Manual
4RG81972 Mitsubishi Minica 0.4359 см3Manual
4RG41983 Mitsubishi Minica 546 см3Manual
4RGS1973 Mitsubishi Minica 359 см3Manual
4RGO1974 Mitsubishi Minica 358 см3Manual
4RGF1997 Mitsubishi Magna Wagon Automatic2972 см3Automatic
4RGL2002 Mitsubishi Magna Wagon Automatic2972 см3Automatic
4RG91988 Mitsubishi Minica 544 см3n\a
4RG11984 Mitsubishi Minica 546 см3n\a
4RGQ1975 Mitsubishi Minica 359 см3Manual
4RTV2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2348 см3Manual
4RTJ2002 Mitsubishi Dingo 1300 см3Automatic
4RTZ2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2399 см3Manual
4RT72000 Mitsubishi Eclipse Automatic2348 см3Automatic
4RT21999 Mitsubishi Eclipse 3.0 Spyder2972 см3Manual
4RT31999 Mitsubishi Eclipse 3.0 Spyder Automatic2972 см3Automatic
4RTP2005 Mitsubishi Dion 1997 см3Automatic
4RTB2002 Mitsubishi Diamante 3497 см3n\a
4RT52004 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2350 см3Manual
4RTA1999 Mitsubishi Diamante 2970 см3Automatic
4RTE1970 Mitsubishi Debonair Automatic1989 см3Automatic
4RTM2005 Mitsubishi Dingo 1300 см3Manual
4RTD1997 Mitsubishi Diamante 2972 см3Automatic
4RTN2002 Mitsubishi Dion 1997 см3Automatic
4RTY2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2350 см3Manual
4RT01999 Mitsubishi Eclipse 32972 см3Manual
4RTU2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2348 см3Manual
4RTK2004 Mitsubishi Dion 1997 см3Automatic
4RTR2000 Mitsubishi Dion 1997 см3Automatic
4RTW2008 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2399 см3Manual
4RT61999 Mitsubishi Eclipse 3.0 Automatic2972 см3Automatic
4RTH1996 Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear 1997 см3n\a
4RTX1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse 1995 см3Manual
4RTC2004 Mitsubishi Diamante ES3489 см3n\a
4RTI2004 Mitsubishi Diamante VR-X3490 см3n\a
4RTG1995 Mitsubishi Diamante 3.53495 см3Automatic
4RTT1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2350 см3Manual
4RT82003 Mitsubishi Eclipse Automatic2350 см3Automatic
4RT41999 Mitsubishi Eclipse Automatic2350 см3Automatic
4RTS2000 Mitsubishi Dion 21999 см3Automatic
4RTO2003 Mitsubishi Dion 1995 см3Automatic
4RTF1995 Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear 1997 см3n\a
4RTL2004 Mitsubishi Diamante LS3491 см3n\a
4RT92002 Mitsubishi Eclipse Automatic2348 см3Automatic
4RT12007 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2399 см3Manual
4RTQ2001 Mitsubishi Dion 1997 см3Automatic